About Us

Artiesten-artiesten is literally translated as artists-artists. We are like dating sites that flash the available artists that are in our stable. We only get bands who are talented and are able to keep a tune, provide great service, respect and prioritize customers. If we are just a company that gets any band out there, we would not maintain the quality and the good overall reviews that receive from our customers.

The team

Our team is composed of local producers and music makers who have collaborated with most of the bands that work for the company. Every single one of the team members is an expert in their field. They have represented bands and other celebrities during performances in big events like the Victoria Milan anniversary or the EliteDating milestone weekend party.

The available bands

We have everything that you need right here at our company. Whatever genre that you need, we have them for you. If you like hard rock bands, you can book one or more bands for your event. If you like bands that serenade couples during weddings or anniversaries, you can choose from one of many bands in our list.

You can contact us and tell us what requirements you want us to satisfy. We can provide any kind of band that you like for your special events.