Benefits of Hearing Good Music

Whenever I hear good music, we are always brought back to the last memory that you had that same feeling. If you are hearing a funny song, then you will kind of laugh and smile for a while. If you hear a sad song, you can tear up without knowing why. For those who hear a love song, they will remember their first conversation on a dating site or the first time they tried elitedating.

What are the benefits of listening to good music?

It makes you happier

happyGenerally, music makes us happier. No matter the genre of music, the songs that we listen to help our brain create a hormone called dopamine. This chemical is also called the “feel-good” hormone. You can definitely be happier once you listen to good music.

What happens here is that when you listen to your most favorite songs, you will experience excitement and joy. Your emotions are triggered but in a good way. It is because you have already set up in your mind that the songs playing are particularly your preferred ones.

It improves health

Another benefit of listening to good music is that you are releasing the toxins and the stress in your body. Stress levels can be pretty high during your work and even at home when you have issues. And sometimes, the only way to alleviate yourself from the stress that you have.

You have to allow yourself to listen to some good music if you want to relax your mind and body and create space between you and the world. Music can bring you into a whole new world wherein you can calm your mind and rest your body.

Scientifically speaking, music prevents your body from releasing cortisol, the stress-inducing hormone. Once you are prevented to have stress in your life, you are also prohibiting sickness to touch your body. Tests have proven that more than fifty percent of illnesses are caused by stress.

lose weight

It helps you lose weight

Studies at Georgia Tech University have shown that a combination of dimmed lights and slow music can cause people to eat less and enjoy food more. If you ever find yourself wanting to lose those extra calories in your belly, you should listen to some good slow music.