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When it comes to hiring a local band, it is like reading date site reviews. You can sometimes hit the jackpot or you can end up losing a lot of money on a band that is not talented or skilled enough. We, at Artiesten-Artiesten, promise to give you the best local musicians across the country. It just depends on the genre that you want, the event that you are celebrating, and the setting that it will be in. All you have to do is to contact us and give us all the details that we will need to get you the best talent available in your area. We will do ematching for your events.


We have been in the business for more than ten years today and we have come to realize that not all events require a band. Different setups mean that various clients require a specific talent for them. Lounges and hotels typically have bands available for their disposal. But the singers are mostly independently hired. This is because singers are almost always freelancers who go where the gigs are. Although they can be employed by these companies, they would prefer getting different singers in order to attract new clients every month.

In the Artiesten-Artiesten company, we have a network of talented singers available. Whether you want a lounge singer, a Bossa Nova singer, or a pop star, we have them for you. These people can sing as a solo talent or as part of the band. If you already have a band, do not worry because they can adapt to any setting that you have.


The same goes for musicians. There will be times in an event wherein the drummer, the guitarist, the bassist, or the pianist may call in sick. This leaves you with a missing piece in your band. To get over this problem, you would need someone to fill the gap for you. We have regular clients who get musicians from us to help them with their gigs.